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This was our 2019!
The end of each year and the beginning of a new year is the ideal moment to evaluate the year that passed. For Infanion the year 2019 was an exciting year. Some data of the year 2019 at Infanion.
Infanion obtained more Amazon AWS certifications
During the last months, several Infanion employees successfully passed Amazon AWS exams and received an Amazon AWS certification. Infanion significantly increased its already extensive knowledge on Amazon AWS cloud services & technologies.
Infanion is growing, so we are recruiting!
Infanion is a growing full-stack software development company. Growing means ... recruiting. We are looking for several developers and test engineers.
Infanion launches Trashap, a free app to locate trash
India and many other countries are facing a serious problem with trash .... There is trash in the streets, the cities and neighbourhoods, the forest, the rivers and lakes, … Trash is everywhere. With Trashap everyone can help creating awareness about this trash problem by locating trash.