TP Vision / Philips Professional Displays & Hospitality

CMND & Create

Custom software development, web-based application

CMND & Create of TP Vision (Philips) is a powerful authoring tool for creating compelling content for hotel TVs. With CMND & Create the TP Vision (Philips) Professional Displays and Hospitality partners can create hotel TV interfaces based on HTML and install them on the hotel TVs. With its drag and drop interface, preloaded templates and integrated widgets, the TP Vision (Philips) partners are able to create in a very intuitive and user-friendly way impressive hotel TV interfaces and amaze their customers with compelling stills and captivating video content in no time.


Since 2015, Infanion is developing and maintaining CMND & Create for TP Vision (Philips). We were intensively involved in the conceptual thinking process on how the application should be developed on architectural and on UI & UX level. Together with the TP Vision team in Belgium and the Netherlands we developed CMND & Create in multiple sprints to what it is now, a powerful authoring tool for creating hotel TV content.


When you stay in a hotel next time, check if your hotel TV is a Philips one. If so, the TV interface is most likely made with CMND & Create.


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TP Vision / Philips Professional Displays & Hospitality


Custom software development

Project status:

Delivered, but still ongoing


From 2015 till ... (still ongoing)

Used technologies & frameworks:

Drupal, PHP, MySQL, Jquery, Ajax, HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, thread, pthread, bootstrap

Integrated webservices:


Integrated third parties & microservices:

Yes, Simple Weather Gadget, CK Editor, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram


Amazon AWS cloud server solution

User languages of the application:

Multiple languages

Used development methodology:

Agile / IPLS