Custom software development, web-based application, employee management

INDII is an innovative web based application to manage and streamline multiple processes and obligations related to employee management. 


With INDII you can easily plan employees and assign them to a workstation, you get an insight in your employee cost, you can digitally manage all employee contracts and sign them in a 100% legal way. A unique algorithm even suggests managers the most interesting legal and advantageous status of an employee (flex, extra, student, ...). Employees can register their start and end working time with e.g. an official eID login or scanning of a QR code with their smartphone. A seamless integration with the Belgian government's Dimona application makes INDII conform to the applicable legislation. To calculate salaries, integrations with several social secretaries are available. An extensive report section gives manager an up to date insight of their organisation and employee management. And to extend INDII to the mobile live, easy to use mobile apps for smartphone are available.


Infanion developed INDII in PHP (partly) making use of the Drupal framework. We integrated the eID login and eID signature of e-Contract, implemented the complex Belgian Dimona APIs, created several connections with social secretaries and ensured and optimal performance with an RDS load balancing solution of Amazon AWS.

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Custom software development, web-based application, employee management

Project status:

Delivered, but still ongoing


2016 till ...

Used technologies & frameworks:

Drupal, PHP, MySQL, Jquery, Ajax, HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3

Integrated webservices:


Integrated third parties & microservices:

e-Contract eID signature and eID autenthication, Dimona, CK Editor


Amazon AWS cloud server solution

User languages of the application:

Dutch and English

Used development methodology:

Agile / IPLS