Immoweb (Axel Springer)

Immoweb Docs

Custom software development, web-based application

Immoweb Docs is one of the flagships of Immoweb (Axel Springer). Immoweb Docs is a unique and free online platform where property owners and tenants can create digital rental agreements that are 100% in line with existing legislation in Belgium. During the rental agreement creation process property owners and tenants can share feedback on the agreement, finetune the agreement and sign it in a digital and 100% legal way. Rental agreements can be signed by making use of Itsme or eID signature.


As it is in Belgium mandatory for property owners to register rental agreements at MyRent, a government agency, the property owner can register in a few simple steps the signed rental agreement at MyRent. And once the agreement is finalized, signed and registered at MyRent, the agreement and related documents are stored in a personal digital vault. 


Infanion developed the front-end of Immoweb Docs in VueJS and we used the Laravel framework for the back-end. We integrated Itsme and the eID signeture of Connective and used the MyRent API for the registration of the rental agreement at MyRent. For the hosting we have set-up an RDS load balancing cloud server solution of Amazon AWS. 

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Immoweb (Axel Springer)


Custom software development, web-based application

Project status:

Delivered, but still ongoing


2018 till ...

Used technologies & frameworks:

Laravel, PHP, MySQL, VueJs, Jquery, Ajax, HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3

Integrated webservices:


Integrated third parties & microservices:

Connective, MyRent, Itsme, Tableau, Google Maps


Amazon AWS cloud server solution

User languages of the application:

Dutch and French

Used development methodology:

Agile / IPLS